Welcome to mVuli

A world class secondary school curriculum accessible to Fijians, anytime and anywhere in Fiji.

Your online gateway to a fully interactive and comprehensive secondary curriculum for years 9-13 for Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology adapted for Fiji from high standard and quality curriculum out of Europe.


Personal curriculum and
portal for students

mCurriculum is an eContent package of ready-made, highly interactive online curriculum out of Europe and adapted for Fiji. It offers students and teachers a complete set of interactive lessons in Mathematics, Physics and Biology from year 9 to year 13.


for school admin
and teachers

mSchool is a combination of Learning Management System (LMS) supporting educational processes and interactions between teachers and students with a transactional platform that enables schools to distribute and control access to their eContent materials for their students and teachers.

mSchool Management

A virtual
school system

mSchool is capable of replicating a virtual structure of any school starting from a group of schools belonging to any organisation through districts, schools and classes up to single interaction between a teacher and a student.


Sync Off-line

There are places or situations when there is no access to the Internet. Thanks to mLibro offline application, this is not a problem anymore. From now on Students can work anytime & anywhere.

What is mVuli?

mVuli is Ramakrishna Mission’s  global initiative to provide high quality and holistic education for Fijians accessible to anyone, anywhere and anytime at a highly subsidised and affordable price.

mVuli is an online school for Fiji. It brings directly to students the world’s most comprehensive digital K-12 curriculum  in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology from year 9 to year 13. Our youth of today will compete on the global platform. We wish to empower them with the high standard education required for their success.

mVuli will also support interested schools with ready made interactive eContent for their eLearning in classrooms. This highly cost effective online content does away with the need for developing own content, servers, IT personnel etc. 

Students and parents can directly access these on their devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops). Comprehensive reports to monitor progress in real-time are available in students, parents and teachers. 

Benefits of online education

School Admins
School Managements

More accessible and student centred education for Fijians

With digital devices and data becoming more affordable, students anywhere in Fiji can anytime avail the high quality interactive mCurriculum.

We are happy offer for the first year all the four subjects for free to any Fijian student who registers through our mVuli website or is registered by their school. The highly interactive lessons are designed for self-learning with real-time monitoring of progress by the students and their parents and teachers.

Thus students can learn at their own pace and go deeper into the subject matter if related to their field of further studies.

Teachers are empowered

We are happy to offer the full mCurriculum in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology to any Fijian teacher  who registers through our mVuli platform or is registered by their school admin. Throughout schools in the country, much time is spent preparing similar lessons and giving notes to students. With mVuli, teachers get comprehensive ready made lessons which can be used in the classrooms using a laptop connected to a large TV or projector. Students will have independent access to the lessons and exercises. Teachers can monitor their progress and assist them catering to individual needs as “everyone learns differently.” The teachers role become more a moderator and facilitator of the learning process.

Teachers can prepare their own lessons for their classes.

Teachers can focus more on the higher stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy (understanding, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Feedback).

The real-time monitoring of students gives immediate feedback on individual and class performance.


School administrators before more effective and efficient

Through mSchool, schools can now have a consistent set of ready made high quality curriculum made available to teachers and students. School managements and admins wishing to register their schools with mVuli are to contact us using the contact link on this site.

Real-time performance of individual students, classes as a whole and teachers can be monitored and evaluated. Thus a more targeted and timely support can be provided to them.


Parents get involved in the education of their children

Through mVuli, parents can now become more involved in the education of their children by having direct access to their child’s performance on mVuli. As the children have access to online lessons at home, parents can supervise and monitor their progress. Where necessary additional support in the form of tuition may be provided. Parents need to provide their email id in their child’s profile. This email id will be their username.

A good knowledge of the strengths and weakness of their children can be useful when choosing a course of study for a career.


School Managements have an opportunity to contribute to a holistic education

Many schools in Fiji were established with a vision to impart a holistic education to their children to make them good citizens. To them education encompassed training and development of all aspects of the human personality. These include (1) Physical education (2) Intellectual education (3) Emotional education (4) Moral and Ethical education and (5) Spiritual education.

The current education system is focused mainly on the first two levels (physical and intellectual). The managements of schools, who do not have much space to contribute their inputs to the education of their children, now have an opportunity through mVuli to broadcast the universal teachings throughout Fiji for the benefit of all.