Frequently Asked Questions

What does mVuli mean?

“Vuli” means school or education or earning in the Fijian language. mVuli means a Fijian online school.

What is mVuli?

This is a charitable initiative of Ramakrishna Mission to make quality education more accessible to Fijian students throughout Fiji. mVuli is an interactive online eLearning platform for students, parents, teachers, school administrators and managements to work together to provide a quality learning space to students.

It is important to note that this eLearning platform complements and supports the education provided by the Fiji Ministry of Education. It does not supplement it. Students enrolled in various schools have additional self-learning resources. Teachers can also use these in classrooms.

As Mathematics and sciences are the same all over the world, the actual content has been sourced from the k-12 curriculum out of Europe. Thus our students and teachers can avail a world class education.

Who can Join mVuli?

In the first phase student form year 9 to 13 can enrol for their choice of a comprehensive curriculum in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The annual subscription will be very affordable.

School Managements also support their schools and provide this online content to their teachers and students.

How is mVuli related to the Fiji Ministry of Education?

mVuli is an initiative of Ramakrishna Mission to support the education provided by the Ministry of Education. Its objective is to make available a high quality and holistic education for our students. Where possible, Ramakrishna Mission will collaborate with all interested parties for improving our education.

How does the mVuli curriculum compare with that of Fiji Ministry of Education?

While the subjects of Mathematics and Sciences are basically same around, the standards differ. The curriculum offered in mVuli is sourced Learnetic, a world class K-12 curriculum out of Europe. This is now being offered in many countries.

We have not divided the content to match the Fijian syllabus year-wise. Rather the whole content of each subject is given together so that students can decide the pace of their own self-learning according to their capacities.

The standard of lessons and curriculum on mVuli is higher than our Fijian curriculum. however, the interactive presentations, exercises, self-assessment etc are unique to this eLearning experience.

When will be the official launch of mVuli?

The tentative official launch will be sometime towards the end of June 2019. Students and schools can register their interest. Please visit our website again to keep informed.

How can I contact mVuli for more information?

Please register your interest under “Register now” and we will contact you shortly