Giving the light of knowledge

Swami Vivekananda proclaimed – “Strength must come to the nation through education. A nation is advanced in proportion as education and intelligence spread among the masses. … Travelling through many cities of Europe and observing in them the comforts and education of even the poor people, there was brought to my mind the state of our own poor people and I used to shed tears. What made the difference? Education, education and education alone! Education was the answer I got. Through education comes faith in one’s own Self and through faith in one’s own Self the inherent Power is waking up in them.”

Sponsor a Fijian student known to me

You need to provide the contact details of the recipient student. The Admin will create the account within 48 hours of receiving the sponsorship and will inform both the recipient students and you via email.

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Sponsor students who have requested for assistance

Ramakrishna Mission has made provision for needy students to request for assistance to avail mVuli courses through sponsorships. Your sponsorship will be allocated to these students and you will be informed of the recipients.

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