Adaptive Learning Platform for school admin and teachers

mSchool is a comprehensive eLearning Platform (LMS) supporting Adaptive Learning and  dedicated for delivery of highly interactive educational eContent packages. It effectively supports educational processes and interactions between teachers and students.

The school is replicated online with students allocated to their respective subject teachers. Quality mCurriculum is made available to all teachers. to use in their classrooms. Assignments may be given to students. Student performance is monitored and evaluated continuously and necessary support can be provided in a timely manner.

mSchool empowers school administrators and teachers to coordinate more effectively and efficiently to support the learning needs of each student.

Main Features of mSchool


The student is the most basic but most important role in the system. Students can be organised in groups and classes and can have access to number of courses or eContent packages assigned for them by the teachers.


The Teachers registered within the platform can assign tasks, organise projects or arrange tests for their students. As they have full access to students’ activities they can monitor their progress and address areas that require extra explanation or additional practice.


School Admins are responsible for creation of virtual representation of their school. They can link Teachers with their students, and deploy learning materials available for them. They can also monitor and generate reports of students’ and teachers’ activity.


Schools are usually owned and managed by educational organisations who want to know more general information regarding schools’ activity and their results. They can also organise courses for selected or all schools under their supervision.


With mSchoolTeachers can create Polls and get instant response from Students solving quizzes, tests and activities organised in a real-time mode. The poll sessions can be performed using any devices operated by Students, including laptops, tablets or simply their smartphones. The poll questions can be displayed also on the classroom Interactive Whiteboard making the polling activity fun and engaging.


The Platform Admin has full access to all platform capabilities. They can create virtual schools representing the real schools’ structure. Platform Admin controls what eContent packages are deployed within the platform and accessible by particular schools.


Thanks to the Contests option it is possible to organise contents, test or even exams. In this mode students are given exact time slot to perform the test on a basis of a materials selected for them from the eContent packages installed in the platform or from the materials created by their teachers.


Assignments allow teachers to create class tasks or homework exercises either for individual students or for a whole class. Extensive reports allow teachers to asses performance of a whole Class in a glimpse of an eye. Instant access to the smallest details of every activity enables him or her to implement individual approach to specific needs of a particular student.


mSchool platform is equipped with a number of functionalities that facilitate group work, common projects and general collaboration between the Students. The School Admin can determine which collaboration units are to be available for the Students.


This module enables Teachers or School Admins to announce important messages or simply present interesting information relevant to the school community. It can be used also as a regular Newsletter prepared and edited by authorised users.


Each member of a virtual school can have its own blog to publish his or her articles, commentaries, project reports and other. It is a perfect tool to encourage students to create and provide valuable information in an organised manner. The Blogs can be moderated or supervised by the Teachers and School Admin.


The Forum module enables Students and Teachers to exchange information within the scope of particular thread. As it keeps the track of all previous inputs and comments it can be used as a database of valuable information and a guidance throughout the subjects of Students’ interests.


The Chat module enables all users registered within the virtual School to communicate in a real-time mode. The Chat recognises who is currently logged into the mSchool platform and enables users to initiate instant conversation or even a group discussion. 


The Messenger module can be used as an equivalent of e-mail service available for all students and teachers of particular school. It keeps track of all the correspondence and can be used to support and document common projects or team tasks.


Calendar is a useful functionality that helps to organise and control the actual workload, projects and assignments milestones and due dates, group or individual events. It can be accessed by different roles in the platform to inform about the event relevant for the school, class, assignment or even a single student.


“You can’t manage it, if you can’t measure it." mSchool platform offers a large number of valuable Reports for all different roles deployed on the platform. They are presented in a from of clearly designed tables, plots, charts and dashboards depending on the role of particular user.


Each Student has a full access to his or her results obtained during selected period of time. The Student can also see all portions of eContent materials that he accessed with a full view to his answers given while solving the activities.


The uniqueness of mSchool platform is a fact that beside the aggregated reports a teacher may observe each piece of eContent accessed by particular student. Having this option the teacher can learn individual student’s problems and address them accordingly by suggesting additional materials or giving direct hints, instructions or explanations.


The School Admin (eg. Principal with appropriate access rights) has access to all data generated by the platform and eContent deployed in his school. He or she can generate reports of time spent by Teachers and Students with particular part of the eContent packages, number of sessions or average results of a class thought by particular Teacher. All results can be presented within selected timeframes in order to trace the trends of targeted teaching or learning objectives.


The Platform Admin may have access to all data generated by the platform and eContent from all schools deployed within eCourser platform. All data, up to the smallest detail, are stored in a BigQuery format in order to make it possible to generate practically any report or perform desired analysis.